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Our work is both popular and unique. We seek new-ness to cater to the ever-evolving taste of the audience. Popular culture, contemporary art and human behaviour are our points of reference.

We strive to make the ideas impactful and share-worthy. While we have won many awards, our greatest reward is when our work itself becomes a part of the popular culture - ‘hit’.

Our Process in advertising

We believe that the means is the end. Our process is to make things simple and then add layers of meaning to it. The parts are opened up, reassembled differently, and new parts are almost always added to it. The creative industry is dynamic and ever-evolving. Its frequent tidal changes demand a disruptive yet systematic approach to the creation and consumption of content. We are always seeking a modern element while letting the wisdom from the past guide us to it. We have lots of brainstorming sessions and impassioned debates. There is always chaos before order.

You are important to our process every step of the way. Click here to collaborate with Flying Saucer.


We seek new-ness

We change our cooking styles and recipes to make new dishes so that they are always fresh and tasty. We focus on the script to pull out something special: the X factor that makes our films stand out. This element is elusive and could be discovered at any stage of filmmaking.

However, the process of finding it is always the same; seek it constantly.

You help us define new-ness. Click here to collaborate with Flying Saucer.

Our Team

What they say

Flying Saucer is an obsessive compulsive creative bunch that don’t settle for anything that’s not the best. It was a delight to work on Taj Mahal 1989. Cheers to creating many more stories together.
P.S. They love their cats, work and chai, in that order.
Kanchan Marathe
Creative, International Originals at Netflix
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